The French term brochette (brōˈSHet) generally refers to food cooked on a skewer and is similar to the Spanish term ‘pincho,’ where food is spiked. You might also refer to it as a kebob. No matter what you call it, this handy product is made in the USA. You can pick out your favorite meats, vegetables, and fruits, and have them marinated, placed on skewers, and grilled to perfection in much less time than it would have taken before.

How does it work?

  • Season & prepare meat, vegetables or fruits. Place the body of the Brochette Express onto the base.
  • Insert layers of food into the body of the Brochette Express; we recommend alternating between different types of food for variety.
  • Once full, place the top on the Brochette Express.
  • Insert skewers through the holes at in the top of the product.
  • Using a sharp knife, insert the knife into one of the lateral slats & begin slicing. Continue the process following the grid until complete.
  • Remove the top and body of the Brochette Express.
  • Add a touch like a tomato on top then ready for the grill to enjoy.

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