Dunking Buddy is a magnetic cookie dunking tool. The system features a tray and handle used to lower and lift cookies into milk and other beverages without worry of accidentally losing the cookie in the beverage.

Some people may enjoy dunking their cookies into milk. People may accidentally drop the cookie into the cup, forcing him/her to try and pull the cookie out of their drink. This process can create a mess and end up spilling milk on a table, countertop, etc. Having to clean up spilled milk can be frustrating and time-consuming. People may accidentally drip their fingers into the beverage which can leave behind dirt and debris.

Dunking Buddy is a magnetic tool used to effectively dunk cookies in milk. The device is comprised of a magnetic tray and handle used to lower and lift cookies into milk. Each Dunking Buddy comes with a color-changing cup.

The handle is placed on the outside of the cup and fastens to the cup exterior via magnetic attraction to the opposite side of the tray. The tray is installed in the interior of the cup and magnetically secured against the sidewall opposite of the handle.

Users can place cookies within the support tray and lower the tray into a beverage using the outside handle. The cookie is effectively dunked into milk without having to stick hands/fingers into the cup. The system offers a simple and convenient method for dunking cookies.