Cutting Board with Sharpener is a durable cutting board with an integrated knife sharpener. The device combines two kitchen tools into a single tool, ensuring all knives can be kept safe and sharp while easily cutting meats, vegetable, fruits, and more.

Cutting boards are flat surface tools used to slice/cut meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. without damaging countertops or tables. Cutting knives with low edges can be difficult to safely slice through food items. People may have to apply a considerable amount of force to the food which may lead to serious injury. The user can slip and accidentally cut skin while chopping food. Locating a knife sharper can be difficult.

Cutting Board with Sharpener is a modified cutting board featuring a knife sharpener. The cutting board is comprised of durable plastic and includes a set of metal blades built into one side functioning as a knife sharpener. The blades can be constructed using tungsten carbide to offer greater durability and resistance to wear.

The blades can be used to conveniently sharpen a knife before chopping food products on the board. Users can run the knife along the sharpener to hone the edge. Food can be safely and easily chopped on the board after using the sharpener. Users are encouraged to wash the board both before and after use.

The board is constructed using polypropylene, offering better resistance than other standard plastic materials. Users can strike, hammer, and cut hard or frozen foods without breaking the board. The board may measure approximately 34” in length and 24” in width. Exact size, measurement, construction, and design specifications may vary upon manufacturing.