Cocktail Glass is a three-piece drink mixing system designed to create a delicious, well-mixed drink in a quick, easy, and convenient manner. The device offers customers a new way to mix three different beverages at once to make a perfect, well-balanced cocktail without any spills.

Mixing numerous cocktails and other beverages at the bar, restaurant (soda dispenser), party event, etc. can be incredibly time consuming. The conventional method of mixing beverages is extremely messy with lots of spills and unbalanced drinks. With these other methods of mixing beverages, hygiene could come into play—if a bartender or server doesn’t wash their hands after eating or using the restroom, cross-contamination could occur. Individuals are more inclined to make their own well-balanced drinks in a much shorter time.

Cocktail Glass is a uniquely-designed drink making device capable of simultaneously mixing three different beverages of choice in order to create a cocktail. The device is comprised of three compartments: a top cone, a bridge (middle portion), and a bottom cone which work in conjunction to contain three beverages for mixing. The bottom cone is screwed onto the middle portion until a clicking sound is heard. The top cone is also screwed onto the middle portion, making the same clicking sound.