Children’s Headboards are custom designed bed headboards with a painted animal face. The headboard accommodates a child’s twin bed and offers a sense of fun and comfort for the child as he/she sleeps.

Some children may have difficulty sleeping in their own bed. Standard bed headboards are often boring and unattractive. Children may enjoy decorating their rooms with bright colors and whimsical designs.

Children’s Headboards is a twin bed headboard with a custom animal design. The headboard is comprised of a furniture-grade white laminate system. Each animal design is painted on the headboard using non-toxic colors. Two vertical supports are included for simple and convenient installation.

Each headboard measures 45” in width and 36” in height to accommodate a standard twin bed. There are seven designs currently available: a lion cub, baby elephant, baby tiger, baby koala bear, baby panda, baby leopard, and a baby zebra design. The headboards are intended to be “Creative Designs for Sweet Dreams.”