Featured Invention: The Tracer Tool


During the remodeling process or the construction of homes, offices, commercial buildings, and the like, electrical outlet boxes are installed throughout. Sheetrock or other material is typically installed on the walls and then the builder must make an opening in the sheetrock for installing the outlets or switches within the boxes.

Builders spend a good deal of time shaping the opening and often times, mistakes are made. If the opening is the incorrect size, or is off center, the builder will need to spend time and money to repair the mistake. Often times, patching and re-cutting are required. A more efficient method is needed.

The Tracer Tool provides an easy and accurate method of installing metal work boxes.

Featured Invention: HydroRoot


HydroRoot is an eco-friendly plant watering receptacle designed to quickly and easily deliver water and liquid fertilizer to plant root zones. The device reduces water consumption, time, and expenses for all plant growers.

When watering a garden the majority of individuals use a garden hose to saturate the ground until they feel the plants are adequately watered. However, the amount of water coming from a hose averages three to five gallons per minute. This amount of water not only over-saturates the plants, but also increases water consumption and therefore water costs. Surface watering with a hose or sprinkler also waters the surrounding soil, which encourages weed production This can result in hours spent weeding. At the same time, the plants in the garden may be under nourished. Plants that reside on a slope may not get the water or fertilizer they need due to the run-off. It is difficult for a gardener to tell if the plant has received the proper amount of water and nutrients.


Featured Invention: HANGTIGHT™


HANGTIGHT™ is an ultra-convenient ladder accessory that enables tradesmen, homeowners, and more to hang tools from either or both sides of an extension ladder—increasing safety and productivity.

Working on ladders with various tools can be extremely dangerous, especially when tools are placed loosely on ladder rungs or hang precariously from tool belts. Additionally, people may drop expensive tools and pieces of equipment, not only damaging the dropped items and surrounding property but also potentially injuring others on the floor.

HANGTIGHT™ holds tools and equipment at arm’s length when working on a ladder. This innovative product comprises a compact, durable, and lightweight ladder accessory that holds up to 35 pounds of tools, equipment, and supplies on either or both sides of a ladder. The HANGTIGHT™ makes ladder work safer and more productive by reducing the number of trips required up and down ladders. This unique accessory fits all modern Louisville® or Werner® extension ladders and many others for nearly universal use. An anchor ring also allows for attachment to tool lanyards and leashes, preventing dropped tools and equipment from elevated positions.

To install the HANGTIGHT™, firmly grasp the accessory like the handlebar of a bicycle and turn the knob clockwise with the other hand until it expands to almost fit a ladder rung. Next, climb the ladder to the desired height and insert the HANGTIGHT™ into the open end of a ladder rung until it stops. Turn the knob clockwise until it securely locks into place. To remove, simply turn the knob counter-clockwise until loose and slide it out. Single-handed installation means the accessory can quickly be moved from rung to rung. Its compact design also allows the HANGTIGHT™ to be easily stowed in a tool belt or jacket.

Facial Hair Remover Spring


Facial Hair Remover Spring is a do-it-yourself facial hair removal system. The device is intended to quickly remove hair from the lower and upper lip, chin, and cheeks.

Removing facial hair can be a difficult and extensive process. Some people may choose to visit a salon, and others may choose to use wax while at home. Each of these methods can take an extensive amount of time, effort, and money to remove even a small amount of facial hair. Further, removing facial hair by waxing may cause unwanted marks and blemishes.

Facial Hair Remover Spring is a flexible facial hair removing device capable of ridding facial hair from the lower and upper lip, chin, and cheeks. The device is comprised of a stainless steel spring capable of being bent in a U-shaped fashion. Users can simply bend the bar downward, forming an inverted U-shape. Then, the device is placed against the skin where facial hair needs to be removed. The spring can grasp onto facial hair, and the user twists the handles inward and outward in a continuous motion as the spring is moved along facial hair. Users may feel a slight tingling sensation as hair is quickly and efficiently removed.

Featured Invention: Zipper Genie


Zipper Genie is a device that assists women with zipping and unzipping dresses and other garments quickly and conveniently without help from another person, while doubling as a fashion accessory when not in use.

It can be difficult for women to zip and unzip dresses and shirts with a zipper down the back, whether dress shopping alone, traveling for business or pleasure, or simply home alone. Women often find themselves twisting around or painfully contorting their body to shimmy the zipper up or down. Additionally, this can be especially problematic for plus-size women, the elderly with limited mobility, and pregnant women.

Zipper Genie hooks and zips any dress in a few simple steps, allowing women to confidently flaunt their look. This innovative product may comprise a curb chain, a metal hook, a metal clip, and a suede leather tassel. The hook can attach to a zipper by inserting the hook through the hole on the zipper’s pull-tab. The clip can be secured to the dress until ready to zip up.

When ready, women can firmly place one hand near the base of the zipper, and pull the chain straight up. They can then secure their clip to the dress, accessorizing the ensemble with the decorative tassel and chain. For zippers without a hole in the pull tab, simply attach the hook to the jump ring. Additionally, the tassel can be offered in a wide range of colors to complement any outfit or look. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.