Children’s Headboards


Children’s Headboards are custom designed bed headboards with a painted animal face. The headboard accommodates a child’s twin bed and offers a sense of fun and comfort for the child as he/she sleeps.

Some children may have difficulty sleeping in their own bed. Standard bed headboards are often boring and unattractive. Children may enjoy decorating their rooms with bright colors and whimsical designs.

Children’s Headboards is a twin bed headboard with a custom animal design. The headboard is comprised of a furniture-grade white laminate system. Each animal design is painted on the headboard using non-toxic colors. Two vertical supports are included for simple and convenient installation.

Each headboard measures 45” in width and 36” in height to accommodate a standard twin bed. There are seven designs currently available: a lion cub, baby elephant, baby tiger, baby koala bear, baby panda, baby leopard, and a baby zebra design. The headboards are intended to be “Creative Designs for Sweet Dreams.”

Dunking Buddy


Dunking Buddy is a magnetic cookie dunking tool. The system features a tray and handle used to lower and lift cookies into milk and other beverages without worry of accidentally losing the cookie in the beverage.

Some people may enjoy dunking their cookies into milk. People may accidentally drop the cookie into the cup, forcing him/her to try and pull the cookie out of their drink. This process can create a mess and end up spilling milk on a table, countertop, etc. Having to clean up spilled milk can be frustrating and time-consuming. People may accidentally drip their fingers into the beverage which can leave behind dirt and debris.

Dunking Buddy is a magnetic tool used to effectively dunk cookies in milk. The device is comprised of a magnetic tray and handle used to lower and lift cookies into milk. Each Dunking Buddy comes with a color-changing cup.

The handle is placed on the outside of the cup and fastens to the cup exterior via magnetic attraction to the opposite side of the tray. The tray is installed in the interior of the cup and magnetically secured against the sidewall opposite of the handle.

Users can place cookies within the support tray and lower the tray into a beverage using the outside handle. The cookie is effectively dunked into milk without having to stick hands/fingers into the cup. The system offers a simple and convenient method for dunking cookies.

Bigfoot Vac Sweep


Bigfoot Vac Sweep is a square attachment that transforms standard vacuum cleaners into maximum-performance professional tools. Its dimensions are engineered to create a constant sweeping motion in any direction on virtually any non-porous surface.

There are a wide range of vacuum nozzles currently on the market, but most require cumbersome back-and-forth motions and sidestepping to hit every spot. Additionally, most nozzles stick to the floor when going forward and again pulling backward. These attachments may also hinder the vacuum’s performance, reducing its suction power and losing velocity in open spaces. Additionally, it can be nearly impossible to steer big, clunky vacuum cleaners underneath beds and other furniture, around workshops, and more.

Bigfoot Vac Sweep improves the functionality and design of vacuum attachments. This innovative product features a 10” square plate, made from ABS plastic, with a swiveling attachment in the center. The plate stands 2.25” tall, designed to fit vacuum cleaners with standard tapered 1.25” hoses. Additionally, its dimensions are engineered to create a constant sweeping only motion, while its size makes it ultra-convenient to glide under tight-fitting spaces.

Further, the design also increases the 1.25” pipe inlet area by 110 times; the frontal area is enlarged between 10.5” and 15,” depending on the direction of travel. The lower surface is engineered to have only surface flow, not vertical suction, so that the full air horsepower is used to sweep the floor for a better overall cleaning experience.

Solare Sunblock

Solare Sunblock

Solare Sunblock is an accessory capable of protecting the user’s face from harmful sun rays. The device can be easily adjusted for maximum shade over the face area, ensuring comfort while relaxing at a pool, beach, and more.

While relaxing outdoors, specifically at a pool or at the beach, people may be exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays. People may use sunblock, umbrellas, and other items to prevent overexposure to the sun; however, most of these items may not be able to prevent discomfort on the facial area. Spots, premature aging, and wrinkles can be caused by sun rays on the face. People may be unable to obtain proper wind circulation if he/she uses an item that completely blocks the facial area.

Solare Sunblock is a small accessory used to protect the facial area from excessive UV ray exposure. The device is comprised of a cushion attached to an overhead hanging unit, placed over the facial area. Users can lay their head on the cushion and obtain protection from the sun via the overhead hanging unit. The hanging unit has various designs printed thereon, enabling users to customize the look of their Solare Sunblock. An optional accessory solar panel with a charger can be included to provide power for smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. The Solare Sunblock offers comfort in the sun while protection from UVA and UVB rays.


Pet/Infant Food Warmer


Pet/Infant Food Warmer is a warming unit to keep sealed containers, jars or cans and their contents between 100 and 102 degrees. This device eliminates the need to heat food for pets and infants in the microwave and offers a warming and storage unit for various applications.

Heating pet food and baby food in a microwave not only alters the flavors of the food, but can also result in uneven heating and hot spots. In addition, when pet food is cold it sticks to the sides of the container and can remain gelatinous. Older pets are not enticed to eat when the food is cold or microwaved due to the unappetizing scent. Scooping the food out into a separate serving dish is time consuming and a wasted step.

Pet/Infant Food Warmer is a device designed for storing and warming various types of containers and their contents. The invention is comprised of high quality plastic and a plexiglass door. The door handle has a magnet to keep the unit closed. There is a warming pad around the sides and back keeping the top and bottom cool. It has a small thermostat in the back left corner. The device is designed to maintain the contents between 100 and 102 degrees. The unit cycles up to 102 degrees and then turns off. Once it gets down to 95 degrees it will turn back on.

It takes approximately 4.5 hours for room temperature items to get to the desired temperature. It is a 30-watt appliance and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. The unit may be kept full, but will operate if empty. The unit has an on/off button. A blue LED light comes on when the unit is in warming mode. Products may remain in the warmer as long as they are not expired. It is designed to hold (12) 5.5 ounce cans, (4) 14 ounce cans, (24) smaller cans, a multitude of packets, and other items that fit within the device.