MarinAid-er™ Tray

MarinAid-er™ Tray—the New, One-Step, No-Turn Way to Marinate—is a highly engineered, one-piece tray that eliminates the need to turn food because it marinates the bottom at the same time as the

Lindsay Phillips Shoes

Lindsay Phillips is a line of women’s shoes and sandals with a unique, interchangeable snap or strap on the shoe upper. The footwear can be customized in thousands of different ways

Featured Invention: Switcheels

Switcheels are modified shoes capable of being converted into flat, mid-heel, or high-heel shoes. The three-in-one shoes offer a versatile and stylish option for multiple outfits during casual wear, professional wear,

No Ouchee

No Ouchee is a tool used to help put on socks by eliminating the need to bend over in order to apply and/or remove the sock. The tool can be used
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