Doctors of Podiatric medicine stress the importance of hygienic care of toes and toenails—especially critical for diabetics. ToeMedic® is a personal care tool designed for easy, independent care of toes and toenails.

The Boss AbBlaster

The Boss AbBlaster is a modified fitness tool used to fully exercise all 29 muscle groups that make up a complete core workout. Angular placement allows users to target every aspect of

Voot Boot Shapers

Voot Boot Shapers are lightweight shaping inserts for any type, size, and style of boots. The shapers are available in multiple tactile strengths—the user can take one shaper, roll it up, and

MarinAid-er™ Tray

MarinAid-er™ Tray—the New, One-Step, No-Turn Way to Marinate—is a highly engineered, one-piece tray that eliminates the need to turn food because it marinates the bottom at the same time as the top,

Steerable & Stable Wheelbarrow

Steerable & Stable Wheelbarrow is a bracket, axle, and set of wheels for attaching to standard wheelbarrows for enhanced steerability and control. When installed in an inverted position, the axle prevents the

Lindsay Phillips Shoes

Lindsay Phillips is a line of women’s shoes and sandals with a unique, interchangeable snap or strap on the shoe upper. The footwear can be customized in thousands of different ways for

The “You In?” Dining Plate

The “You In?” Dining Plate is a patented two-part plate with a clear top displaying a design of the host’s choice. Endless insert design possibilities range from whimsical characters for a child’s

Featured Invention: Switcheels

Switcheels are modified shoes capable of being converted into flat, mid-heel, or high-heel shoes. The three-in-one shoes offer a versatile and stylish option for multiple outfits during casual wear, professional wear, and
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