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Featured Invention: The Tracer Tool


During the remodeling process or the construction of homes, offices, commercial buildings, and the like, electrical outlet boxes are installed throughout. Sheetrock or other material is typically installed on the walls and then the builder must make an opening in the sheetrock for installing the outlets or switches within the boxes. Builders spend a good deal of… more

Featured Invention: HydroRoot


HydroRoot is an eco-friendly plant watering receptacle designed to quickly and easily deliver water and liquid fertilizer to plant root zones. The device reduces water consumption, time, and expenses for all plant growers. When watering a garden the majority of individuals use a garden hose to saturate the ground until they feel the plants are adequately watered…. more

Featured Invention: HANGTIGHT™


HANGTIGHT™ is an ultra-convenient ladder accessory that enables tradesmen, homeowners, and more to hang tools from either or both sides of an extension ladder—increasing safety and productivity. Working on ladders with various tools can be extremely dangerous, especially when tools are placed loosely on ladder rungs or hang precariously from tool belts. Additionally, people may drop expensive… more

Facial Hair Remover Spring


Facial Hair Remover Spring is a do-it-yourself facial hair removal system. The device is intended to quickly remove hair from the lower and upper lip, chin, and cheeks. Removing facial hair can be a difficult and extensive process. Some people may choose to visit a salon, and others may choose to use wax while at home. Each… more