Facial Hair Remover Spring


Facial Hair Remover Spring is a do-it-yourself facial hair removal system. The device is intended to quickly remove hair from the lower and upper lip, chin, and cheeks.

Removing facial hair can be a difficult and extensive process. Some people may choose to visit a salon, and others may choose to use wax while at home. Each of these methods can take an extensive amount of time, effort, and money to remove even a small amount of facial hair. Further, removing facial hair by waxing may cause unwanted marks and blemishes.

Facial Hair Remover Spring is a flexible facial hair removing device capable of ridding facial hair from the lower and upper lip, chin, and cheeks. The device is comprised of a stainless steel spring capable of being bent in a U-shaped fashion. Users can simply bend the bar downward, forming an inverted U-shape. Then, the device is placed against the skin where facial hair needs to be removed. The spring can grasp onto facial hair, and the user twists the handles inward and outward in a continuous motion as the spring is moved along facial hair. Users may feel a slight tingling sensation as hair is quickly and efficiently removed.