Munchie Master


Munchie Master is a storage device for keeping potato chips or similar snacks organized and in an upright position.

Many people keep multiple bags of chips or similar snacks in their homes at once, or offer multiple chip-type snacks at a picnic or other buffet-style food event. Bags may take up excessive space and create a sloppy, cluttered appearance. Additionally, bags that are not upright and clipped are prone to spilling, attracting bugs, or losing their freshness.

Munchie Master is a compartmentalized organizational unit that can hold multiple bags of potato chips in an upright position. The invention can comprise a collapsible unit with multiple dividers. The units are designed to each hold one bag of chips or other snack food in an upright position. Each divider can have a bag clip tethered to it, thereby ensuring there is always a clip available for use on each bag. The invention can be taken apart into separate pieces and stored in an included mesh drawstring bag for storage and transport. A standard embodiment may have four separate compartments. The invention may also be used to store and organize plates, napkins, utensils, and related items. The device may be 5” high, 21” long and 10.5” wide or another suitable size. The design may come in a variety of colors and styles. The exact specifications may vary.

The Herb Grower


The Herb Grower is an advanced and easy-to-use modular vertical garden system that allows users to grow fresh greens, aromatic and decorative indoor and outdoor plants, and medicinal herbs.

Small spaces can be some of the most difficult environments to squeeze in a garden; however, adding plant life to cozy homes or workspaces can make it seem cleaner, brighter, and livelier. Most growers currently on the market require people to grow plants from seeds, which is timely, difficult, and forces people wait before they can enjoy their garden—all of which are discouraging. Additionally, a handful of fresh aromatic herbs can make a big difference in the quality and flavor of dishes, but unfortunately, packs of herbs from the supermarket are usually not fresh and mostly end up wasted.

he Herb Grower is a stylish and easy-to-use system that will not only inspire users to work on their green thumb, but also turn their plants into a living work of art, by easily changing plant positions whenever they want to create elaborate patterns of color and shape. The Herb Grower is specially designed for flexibility, which does not exist with any other product on the market. This innovative product comprises a modular structure with a rectangular shape, clean aesthetic, and modern design, with capacity for four individual pots at an angle. The modular design allows users to acquire more pieces over time and expand their vertical garden, and the individual pots allow users to handle and care for, as well as modify the visual appearance of the garden in seconds.

Additionally, an integrated gravitational irrigation system with a water reservoir allows users to fill the reservoir, which then delivers water to each plant quickly without wetting or staining walls. The structure’s mounting device allows for quick installation and can be easily changed from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa. In use, The Herb Grower can be used as a rack of live herbs to keep on hand when cooking and as beautiful decorative elements in homes, apartments, and offices. It can also be sold in flower shops to make beautiful arrangements, instead of typical vases, and doubles as a gift. The Herb Grower can further be used to encourage people to explore gardening, as it’s simple, fast, and effortless.

Make Em Fit


Make Em Fit is a soft shoe insert capable of filling out the front portion of an oversized sneaker, dress shoe, tennis shoe, and more. The device is soft, accommodating, and allows toes to sink into it comfortably for extended wear.

Some people may be forced to wear oversized shoes due to various medical conditions and natural body shape. If an individual has different sized or wide feet, larger shoes may be required. These larger shoes may have excess space in the toe in order to accommodate the full width of the foot. In this manner, the shoes may be loose-fitting and difficult to prevent from slipping off during the day.

Make Em Fit is a uniquely-designed shoe insert providing individuals who wear oversized shoes with a way to ensure proper fit. The device is comprised of a small memory-foam insert shaped similarly to the toe portion of a shoe. The device is placed inside the front portion of sneakers, dress shoes, boots, and many other types of footwear in order to offer appropriate, comfortable fit.

Featured Invention: Bug Brush


BugBrush is a child’s toothbrush and teething toy which offers a product for children from six months to two years of age to chew on throughout the day, after meals and snacks, in order to reduce plaque and food debris on teeth.

Some parents may have difficulty cleaning their infant’s teeth due to children disliking the uncomfortable feeling of a toothbrush in their mouth. Standard toothbrushes are unsafe for an infant to use independently, and infants may dislike their parents’ attempts to clean their teeth. The sensation of bristles can be extremely bizarre, leading the child to immediately reject the idea of having their teeth brushed. This can lead to early childhood tooth decay and poor dental habits in the child’s future.

BugBrush is a combination toothbrush and teething tool for infants and toddlers. The device is comprised of multiple segmented body parts, each of which features bristles on the top portion. Each segment is connected with a plastic secure hinge. Once fixed together, the joints are secured further by a flexible thermoplastic elastomer. The segments function similarly to shock absorbers in the same manner as an adult toothbrush neck can flex. Children can chew on the toy after snacks and meals in order to effectively clean their teeth.

The invention is intended to reduce early childhood tooth decay (E.C.C.). The product is safe for children to use independently without parental assistance. The BugBrush combines the plaque-removing effectiveness of toothbrushes with the fun and safe elements of a toy, empowering infants to clean their teeth through play.

BugBrush is constructed using BPA-free, ABS plastic. Each bristle is trimmed to approximately 5mm in height, the same height as a milk tooth.

Cocktail Glass


Cocktail Glass is a three-piece drink mixing system designed to create a delicious, well-mixed drink in a quick, easy, and convenient manner. The device offers customers a new way to mix three different beverages at once to make a perfect, well-balanced cocktail without any spills.

Mixing numerous cocktails and other beverages at the bar, restaurant (soda dispenser), party event, etc. can be incredibly time consuming. The conventional method of mixing beverages is extremely messy with lots of spills and unbalanced drinks. With these other methods of mixing beverages, hygiene could come into play—if a bartender or server doesn’t wash their hands after eating or using the restroom, cross-contamination could occur. Individuals are more inclined to make their own well-balanced drinks in a much shorter time.

Cocktail Glass is a uniquely-designed drink making device capable of simultaneously mixing three different beverages of choice in order to create a cocktail. The device is comprised of three compartments: a top cone, a bridge (middle portion), and a bottom cone which work in conjunction to contain three beverages for mixing. The bottom cone is screwed onto the middle portion until a clicking sound is heard. The top cone is also screwed onto the middle portion, making the same clicking sound.