Lap Tray


Lap Tray is a reusable tray which, when placed on a user’s lap, offers a safe and secure place to store food. The tray is secured onto the legs and keeps food in an accessible and mess-free location to enjoy while traveling.

While at a movie theatre, in the car, at a ball park, etc., consuming food and beverages can be difficult. People are forced to hold items in one hand while only having the second hand free to consume items. Spills and messes are easily created, leaving people frustrated and with stained clothing. There may also be no place to store napkins and trash while eating.

Lap Tray is a cardboard tray used to store food and drinks. The device is intended to keep food and beverages stable while in the car, at the movies, and more. The device is comprised of a foldable tray with a middle compartment. The legs can be placed on opposite sides of the middle compartment in order to comfortably support the tray on a user’s lap.

The middle compartment is capable of storing trash until a trash can is located. Users can place food and drink on the tray while the tray is supported on the lap. Food and drinks are stabilized and kept supported in a mess-free and hands-free manner.

Lap Tray can be constructed using cardboard, paper, plastic, vinyl, and other suitable materials. The device measures approximately 16-17” in length, 8” in width, and 4-5” in height. Smaller options can be available for children.

Power Weeding and Tilling


Power Weeding and Tilling is a set of lawn tool accessories designed to effectively remove weeds and their roots with ease. There is a 2-tine and a 4-tine version, both of which can be used in conjunction with any cordless or electrical drill for weeding.

Elderly people are often physically-limited but may still enjoy the benefits and fun of gardening. Physical limitations may prevent people from tending to their flowers and gardens. Weeds may grow rampant if a person cannot get on their hands and knees and dig through the soil in order to completely remove the weed and its roots. Some individuals may end up developing knee and back problems if he/she has been weeding for extensive periods of time.

Power Weeding and Tilling is a drill attachment designed to utilize a spinning motion and set of tines to completely remove weeds and their roots from a garden area. There is a 2-tine and a 4-tine version of the spinner tool—both tools can be sold as a kit or separately for individual use. The 2-tine weed spinner removes weeds and roots from a small 2.5 sq. inch area while the 4-tine weed ‘n till tool removes weeds and roots from larger, 10 sq. inch areas. The 4-tine version leaves soil tilled, aerated, and cultivated.

Users can choose their attachment, connect it to a cordless or electrical drill, point the tip at the center of the weed, and pull the trigger. The tines spin out all types of weeds and roots. Each tool is intended to remove shallow or deep weeds, along with entire roots, with a simple spinning motion. The tools are intended to provide more convenient and less-strenuous methods of removing weeds from various locations around a home or garden area.

Improved Sports Baseball Cap


Improved Sports Baseball Cap is a modified baseball hat with a small opening designed to accommodate pulled-up hairstyles. The rear portion of the cap features a cutout opening, allowing buns, ponytails, and other hairstyles to be worn without discomfort.

When wearing a baseball cap, the user’s hair typically has to be pulled up underneath the cap or worn down in order for the cap to fit comfortably. Hats with a connection strap in the back can feature a small hole for hair to be pulled through; however, these hairstyles are often limited to a braid or ponytail. Some people may want to wear their hair pulled up, off the neck and out of the face. Wearing a cap and wearing a pulled-up hairstyle may be nearly impossible without excessive discomfort. Pulling and tugging on ponytailed hair still occurs when wearing an adjustable snapback or hook and loop fastener-adjustable hats.

Improved Sports Baseball Cap is a stylish hat with a small aperture on the rear portion, allowing anyone with a ponytail, bun, shoulder length, or other types of long hairstyles to comfortably wear a hat. The hat includes an elastic band along the perimeter, allowing fit to be adjusted as needed. The hole enables hair to be pulled through the hat rather than compacted and stuffed underneath or hanging down onto the neck and shoulders.

Individuals can wear the hat and pull their hairstyle conveniently through the aperture on the back of the hat. The hat allows users to participate in active outdoor activities while keeping hair up and out of the face. Individuals can wear numerous stylish hairstyles in conjunction with the hat.

Improved Sports Baseball Cap can be constructed using nylon, polyester, and other commonly-used hat materials. The hat may be available in a standard size with the elastic band; however, sizes may vary to accommodate all user needs and preferences. Further, the hats can be available in numerous colors. Exact size, measurement, construction, and design specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

Featured Invention: Eco-Loop


Eco-Loop is a universal adapter and pouring spout that connects to any bottle size to assist users in pouring without spillage.

Using a funnel to pour fluid into a vehicle or piece of machinery has several challenges. Pouring in hard to reach places often results in fluid dripping onto the vehicle, floor, and surrounding area. Not only is this messy, but also toxic to the environment. Dust, dirt, and bugs often collect on the inside of the funnel after use. Cleaning a funnel after use can be a time consuming and almost impossible task.

Eco-Loop offers a mess-free and efficient method for pouring various types of fluids from various sized bottles. The invention is comprised of a flexible tube, the main body, the small universal adapter, and the large adapter. With the use of two different adapters the Eco-Loop is able to attach to several different sizes of bottles 1L, 2L, 4.4L & 5L bottles.

First determine the size of adapter that will fit your bottle, larger removable adapter or smaller one on main body. Screw the desired adapter to the bottle. Position the spout end into the fill hole and tip the bottle up until you have added the required amount. The breather valve on the side of the main body can be opened to allow for faster pouring. After filling, close the breather valve, unscrew the adapter from the bottle and then screw both ends of the unit together to secure any leftover fluid for later use.

Munchie Master


Munchie Master is a storage device for keeping potato chips or similar snacks organized and in an upright position.

Many people keep multiple bags of chips or similar snacks in their homes at once, or offer multiple chip-type snacks at a picnic or other buffet-style food event. Bags may take up excessive space and create a sloppy, cluttered appearance. Additionally, bags that are not upright and clipped are prone to spilling, attracting bugs, or losing their freshness.

Munchie Master is a compartmentalized organizational unit that can hold multiple bags of potato chips in an upright position. The invention can comprise a collapsible unit with multiple dividers. The units are designed to each hold one bag of chips or other snack food in an upright position. Each divider can have a bag clip tethered to it, thereby ensuring there is always a clip available for use on each bag. The invention can be taken apart into separate pieces and stored in an included mesh drawstring bag for storage and transport. A standard embodiment may have four separate compartments. The invention may also be used to store and organize plates, napkins, utensils, and related items. The device may be 5” high, 21” long and 10.5” wide or another suitable size. The design may come in a variety of colors and styles. The exact specifications may vary.