Featured Product

Featured Invention: The Doorhickey


Here’s an idea that is simple and effective. The Doorhickey adds an easy to use handle to any glass sliding door that can even be used with an elbow when your hands are full. Its vacuum suction keeps a strong grip that withstands pushes and pulls. Great for when you’re carrying platters, trays or just multiple items in and out through your sliding glass door!


Featured Invention – Purse Pod


Ladies…how many of you have a purse that is a bottomless pit of junk??  I know I do!  A brush, hairspray and lotion are just a few of the things that are lost in the bottom of my purse.
InventionHome client, Sharilyn, from Utah, has created an innovative product to help get your purse organized.  Purse Pod is a fashionable little pouch that comes packed with everyday essentials, which fits easily into any purse or book bag.  There is a pocket on the inside to keep everything organized and easy to find.  It is available in many great designs/colors, sure to match just about any purse you already own.