Featured Invention: Bug Brush


BugBrush is a child’s toothbrush and teething toy which offers a product for children from six months to two years of age to chew on throughout the day, after meals and snacks, in order to reduce plaque and food debris on teeth.

Some parents may have difficulty cleaning their infant’s teeth due to children disliking the uncomfortable feeling of a toothbrush in their mouth. Standard toothbrushes are unsafe for an infant to use independently, and infants may dislike their parents’ attempts to clean their teeth. The sensation of bristles can be extremely bizarre, leading the child to immediately reject the idea of having their teeth brushed. This can lead to early childhood tooth decay and poor dental habits in the child’s future.

BugBrush is a combination toothbrush and teething tool for infants and toddlers. The device is comprised of multiple segmented body parts, each of which features bristles on the top portion. Each segment is connected with a plastic secure hinge. Once fixed together, the joints are secured further by a flexible thermoplastic elastomer. The segments function similarly to shock absorbers in the same manner as an adult toothbrush neck can flex. Children can chew on the toy after snacks and meals in order to effectively clean their teeth.

The invention is intended to reduce early childhood tooth decay (E.C.C.). The product is safe for children to use independently without parental assistance. The BugBrush combines the plaque-removing effectiveness of toothbrushes with the fun and safe elements of a toy, empowering infants to clean their teeth through play.

BugBrush is constructed using BPA-free, ABS plastic. Each bristle is trimmed to approximately 5mm in height, the same height as a milk tooth.

Cocktail Glass


Cocktail Glass is a three-piece drink mixing system designed to create a delicious, well-mixed drink in a quick, easy, and convenient manner. The device offers customers a new way to mix three different beverages at once to make a perfect, well-balanced cocktail without any spills.

Mixing numerous cocktails and other beverages at the bar, restaurant (soda dispenser), party event, etc. can be incredibly time consuming. The conventional method of mixing beverages is extremely messy with lots of spills and unbalanced drinks. With these other methods of mixing beverages, hygiene could come into play—if a bartender or server doesn’t wash their hands after eating or using the restroom, cross-contamination could occur. Individuals are more inclined to make their own well-balanced drinks in a much shorter time.

Cocktail Glass is a uniquely-designed drink making device capable of simultaneously mixing three different beverages of choice in order to create a cocktail. The device is comprised of three compartments: a top cone, a bridge (middle portion), and a bottom cone which work in conjunction to contain three beverages for mixing. The bottom cone is screwed onto the middle portion until a clicking sound is heard. The top cone is also screwed onto the middle portion, making the same clicking sound.

Featured Invention: Secure-A-Lock


Secure-A-Lock is a simple, portable, user-friendly apparatus that prevents deadbolt locks from being opened from the outside of a door, even with a key.

Lock-bumping devices and lock-picking tools can be a serious threat for anyone who relies on deadbolts for the security of their home and family. Unfortunately, when people fall victim to these devices and suffer a break in, they also suffer through financial and personal loss and become fearful. To prevent this from happening, some consumers may purchase and install complicated deadbolt enhancers currently on the market, but such devices are cumbersome and impractical.

Featured Invention: The Tracer Tool


During the remodeling process or the construction of homes, offices, commercial buildings, and the like, electrical outlet boxes are installed throughout. Sheetrock or other material is typically installed on the walls and then the builder must make an opening in the sheetrock for installing the outlets or switches within the boxes.

Builders spend a good deal of time shaping the opening and often times, mistakes are made. If the opening is the incorrect size, or is off center, the builder will need to spend time and money to repair the mistake. Often times, patching and re-cutting are required. A more efficient method is needed.

The Tracer Tool provides an easy and accurate method of installing metal work boxes.

Featured Invention: HydroRoot


HydroRoot is an eco-friendly plant watering receptacle designed to quickly and easily deliver water and liquid fertilizer to plant root zones. The device reduces water consumption, time, and expenses for all plant growers.

When watering a garden the majority of individuals use a garden hose to saturate the ground until they feel the plants are adequately watered. However, the amount of water coming from a hose averages three to five gallons per minute. This amount of water not only over-saturates the plants, but also increases water consumption and therefore water costs. Surface watering with a hose or sprinkler also waters the surrounding soil, which encourages weed production This can result in hours spent weeding. At the same time, the plants in the garden may be under nourished. Plants that reside on a slope may not get the water or fertilizer they need due to the run-off. It is difficult for a gardener to tell if the plant has received the proper amount of water and nutrients.